College Tennis Recruiting – How You Can Play at the College Level

Are you a high school tennis player looking to make it to the college level? Are you wondering about college tennis recruiting and what it really takes to get a scholarship? The good news is that tennis scholarships are available if you have the talent and the desire to play tennis at the college level.

College tennis recruiting is very competitive. You should be among the best players in your age group or high school class if you want to play at the college level. Tennis is played at many different levels of competition at the college level. You’ll find tennis scholarships at the Division I, normzplumbing Division II, NAIA and even junior college levels. Scholarships are not available at the Division III level, but other forms of financial aid is available.

Here are how tennis scholarships are given out at the various division levels:

Men’s Tennis

Division I – 4.5 Scholarships
Division II – 4.5 Scholarships

Women’s Tennis

Division I – 8.0 Scholarships
Division II – 6.0 Scholarships

Keep in mind college tennis recruiting goes on at various levels and division levels and there are scholarships available at NAIA schools, and sometimes even junior colleges.

College tennis recruiting can start very early in an athletes career. Some of the best tennis players start receiving attention well before they even enter high school. Athletes who receive that kind of attention will have no problem being recruited for a scholarship. In fact, athletes like this will have to decide if going to college to play tennis is the right call or if they should go ahead and turn pro.

For most others, college tennis recruiting is a process they must go through and learn to compete in if they want a shot at playing in college. There are thousands of young tennis players each year trying to make it to the college level. To beat the competition and make it to the college level,  tennis class Singaporeyou must give yourself an advantage. You can get this advantage by marketing and promoting yourself to college tennis coaches.

It is truly up to you. You can sit on the sidelines, or you can learn the ropes of college tennis recruiting and give yourself a great shot at playing in college. If you don’t at least try, you will never know if you could have made to the college level.

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