Should You Remodel Your Home Before Selling?

Definitely there are some things you must remodel or repair before selling your house. However cost is an important factor since competition is very high. While the house should be appealing to a customer, animeloved the price they pay must give them the money’s worth as well.

Two important things to ask yourself before remodeling to sell your house:

Would you buy it, if you were the buyer?
Is the remodeling cost giving you good returns?
Here are some must-dos and don’ts:

First impressions:

Take a good look the entrance, flooring and walls – see them as would a buyer. The entrance of a house is important because first impressions make lasting impressions. Keep them simple, bterapiaberles but paint them, mow them, clean them before you show them! Same goes with the flooring and walls, sometimes just cleaning them works but if it doesn’t make sure to re-do the flooring and paint neutral colors to the walls – overall your home should look, neat, tidy and hygienic.

Bathroom & Kitchen:

Water works: The kitchen and bathrooms are the most important areas of the house. These are the rooms with the most water works. Make sure the taps, showers, flushes and drains function well and optimally. It’s a no-brainer, without these functioning well it’s unlikely that your house will sell.

Look and feel: A modern kitchen and great looking bathrooms which are user-friendly are also very important to a buyer. Kitchen tops should not be too dated and easy to use. Same goes with the bathroom especially the walls where the drain pipes run, the windows and possibly get new fixtures and sink if they look quite bad to you.

Sometimes just repairing and painting them and making few changes make a lot of difference.


Even if you don’t have an elaborate garden or lawn, make sure whatever you have is neat, trimmed and weeded.

Neighborhood competition:
Look around if there are other sellers in your neighborhood and see how you can give them a good competition. By looking at them you can also make out if repair works and cleaning would sell your home or you need to seriously consider remodeling the house in its entirety before selling. For more info please visit these sites:-

Make sure to ask the experts: Some realtors help do a market analysis to determine the price of your home pre and post remodeling or you can ask someone who has done selling before!

While it’s important to remodel your house before selling, it should not be a foolhardy investment. The above mentioned points are a must-do and have good ROI, but there are some which are good to have but can be a costly affair for instance:

Office space: This is a personal preference, so there is no need to build one – but an option can be given, like converting the attic or balcony to office space.

Elaborate bathrooms and bedrooms: Again this too is a personal choice – some people prefer a shower to Jacuzzis and quiet functional bedroom to an upscale master bedroom – hence they need not include in your remodeling plan.

Over-the-top garage: Again, as long as the garage is functional and has enough room for a big car, it’s a personal choice.

Remodel your home before selling, but make sure to do it wisely!

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