Eyes – Beautiful Eyes

A human is the perfect creation of the almighty. Eyes are once of the most precious parts of human body. Without eyes everything is dark. Have you ever felt the pain of a blind man for whom every color is black? And those who have eyes do not care about them until their ratings goes in minus, 7mgg until they feel pain. Many children are suffering from night blindness. Eyes are precious and we have to take care of them.

Vitamin A is the vital vitamin that keeps eyes healthy and as usual if we take correct diet, balanced diet we can give our body enough Vitamin A so that body system can take care of eyes. It is the responsibility of the parents that they make their children habitual of eating healthy food. Junk food like Pizza, manguerose burger, chips and soft drinks is harmful for them and in today’s world children just love them.

Carotene is another vital substance that helps our body produce Vitamin A. Green vegetables and ripe yellow fruits are carotene rich natural products. Other resources for Vitamin A are carrot, radish, coriander, soy, papaya, dates, banana, orange, mango and dairy products. These days chemicals are used to ripe the fruits. So if you are infection prone like in case of the blood cancer patients, wash the fruits with hot water before consumption. Just don’t jump for vitamin A capsules, if you take above mentioned fruits and vegetables there is very little chance that you would face any eye problem. roomidea

Avoid red chilies, fried food, junk food and hot food. This stuff is harmful for eyes. Take morning walks, if possible walk barefoot on wet grass. Rose water is another natural product. Pour few drops of rose water at bed time this will instantly give your eyes relief. I am a computer professional and whole day I sit in front of computer at work at home. When my eyes are tired rose water does wonder for me. It instant cures reddishness.

Indians are using Kajal to enhance the beauty of eyes from ancient time. Don’t use Kajal which is available at many road side little shops. There is no guaranty that it will be good for health. Make Kajal at home. Burn a lamp with clarified butter (Cow Milk) and make Kajal out of that. Apply it bed time. Try this, spaice you will be more then happy.

Keep yourself and children at a distance from TV. Stay away from the Sas Bahu sagas. Protest eyes from dust, smoke and bright light. Make sure that your study room is properly lit. Practice Pranayam and after Bhramri rub your palms and transfer this positive energy to the eyes.

The world is beautiful and so are your eyes. Protect them. Make eye donation. Your soul will change clothes but your eyes will be seeing the beautiful planet earth.


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