A Beginner’s Guide to Self Healing Meditation

Are you stressed out with all that’s going on? I’d be surprised to hear that you’re not. Living in this quantum age means pushing the envelope to the max. It also means your life is full to the brim with issues, stresses, bunnydirectories and struggles. With economic uncertainty abounding, people being laid off and the folks that still have jobs being required to do more, it’s a wonder that anyone even knows how to relax.

Stress Is A Gateway for Disease

And as we all well know, stress is the gateway to all mental and emotional problems. Self-healing meditation is the best possible way to reduce stress and live a healthy and happy life.

One of the traditional methods of meditation involves focusing on your breath. Through this practice of focused breathing, your mind and body relax and you begin to experience an inner peace. The more focus and concentration, the better results you can achieve.

Meditation Provides Multiple Benefits

There are other benefits to meditation as well: higher degrees of concentration, clarity in the thinking process and an ability to handle what life throws at you with increasing ease.

Anyone can learn meditation, and though many think it’s not for them, if you employ these simple tactics, you can increase the feeling of well-being in your life almost immediately in just a few minutes a day.

Basic Meditation Practices

The most basic form of meditation involves closing your eyes and counting as you breathe in and out. Be sure to breathe from your belly and not your chest. Expand your belly as you breathe. You do this by breathing in and mentally counting one-two-three-four-five-six, exhale one-two-three-four-five-six. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

As you practice this simple technique while focusing on your breathing, counting as you inhale and subsequently exhale, you’ll notice that your awareness of the outside world diminishes. As you continue with this process, your entire body becomes oxygenated and your cells begin to buzz. Most people don’t breathe properly throughout the day, so while this relaxes you, it also helps to oxygenate your entire body. For more info please visit these sites:- https://iemlabs.com/

Think Positive Thoughts 

After you get the breathing part down, if you think positive thoughts during meditation, this will have an incredibly positive effect on your body as well. This is actually called Self-Healing Meditation which involves deep meditation practices. Through this practice, positive energy is passed throughout your body which will increase and aid the healing process. Even traditional western hospitals have taken to recommending this type of meditation for healing.

I’ve been actively meditating for over 36 years, and frankly, I need all that extra energy meditation provides. I taught myself how to focus using some of the same techniques I learned when I performed natural childbirth using the Lamaze method (yes, my oldest is almost 37). It’s interesting to note that the Lamaze method uses these meditative breathing and focus techniques to ease the pain of childbirth.


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