Ultimate Spy Watch Review

Spy Gear

Wild Planet has created a special line of toys to cater to this kids’ fascination: the Spy Gear. From simple walkie talkies and evidence kits to forbixindia lie detector kits and other spy kits. Kids love getting their hands on these products to play out their favorite spy scenarios.

The Ultimate Spy Watch is every kid spy’s essential tool. It includes 8 features so this means more options for spy playing.

A watch and toy in one

The Ultimate Spy Watch is a watch and a spy toy in one. So not only will your kid be able to play their favorite spy games, they will also be able to tell time.

They can wear it in school, when they go out or they can wear it at home. The best thing about it is that it tells time in different time zones. Kids can pretend to be in different cities; spy4dgas a great way to learn about time zones in general.

This will come in handy if you have family members in different cities and different countries. They’ll know what would be a good time to call their grandmother living in Scotland when you are in New York.

The watch can also be used as a stopwatch. Kids will have fun timing anything that happens at home. From how fast they can run from one corner to another to timing how fast they can drink one glass of water.

Plus timing fun spy games that they do at home of course. The Ultimate Spy Watch can also be used as a wake-alarm, so no more getting late for school.

Multiple spy features

The best features of the Ultimate Spy Watch are of course the cool spy features. The Spy Watch has message capsules where you can secretly keep messages from the enemies, or the parents.

Kids will love the idea of having secret messages kept from everybody. Just roll up some paper and insert them in the tubes and your messages are kept safe. rsmelati

It also has a decoder screen that can read special messages that are written in the spy paper that comes with the watch.

The watch has a night vision light for when your kids will need to do their spying at night. Other features included are the spy-sight with crosshairs and motion alarm with a time stamp.

All you need is one coin cell battery and the Ultimate Spy Watch is ready for action. Just remember that the toy is not water proof so remember to keep away from water.

And be careful to keep the instructions so as to be guided on how pocketlegals to set up the spy features and set the time. Setting the time can be a challenge at first with the different time zones.


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