How To Generate Predictable High Incomes When Buying Solo Ads As A Traffic Source

Knowing how to use Solo ads as kms auto a way of building a list and ultimately profiting from them means that you are building your list for free plus you can either recoup your initial investment and even make a tidy profit.

Follow these quick Solo ad traffic source techniques:

1. Guaranteed Click Ads – Knowing you are going to get a set amount of clicks towards your squeeze pages takes away any doubt that you are not going to receive the amount of clicks you have paid for. Also if the Solo ad provider is a valued seller and he or she will even write your e-mail ad copy for you. This is a win-win situation as you know you are going to get the clicks you asked for and the Solo ad provider knows their list and what they respond to giving you a maximum return on investment dryer repair san diego

2. Making Back Your Investment – You also have the chance of making back your initial investment or even profiting from your Solo ad investments at the front-end. You can fancy name offer a low-priced OTO one-time offer that people will be able to see once they have entered their name and e-mail address for their free gift. I would recommend that you price your OTO at around five dollars to around $10. Make sure that your one-time offer is even higher value than your free product and is relevant to that free offer as well.

3. Creating The Ultimate Squeeze Page – You can provrf easily design your own squeeze pages that converts from 30% up to 60%. You can use free software like end of NVU or Kompozer for example. Make sure that your squeeze page is easy to read, to the point, has a main headline that grabs attention, has a sub headline, explains that your offer is free several times and that your opt in form can be seen above the fold. Graphics are optional but I have found that most times text only squeeze pages convert better than the ones that have fancy graphics and videos. This is not always the themenu case but you can always test your squeeze pages to find out for yourself.

Testing your list building sales funnel to see how profitable it is can be a fun and challenging way to build a successful and highly profitable online business. Developing your skills in knowing how to build a highly responsive email list of subscribers is going to allow you to build a huge database of hot prospects that you can market to and make consistent incomes from. For more info please visit these sites:-
Good luck with your future profitable Solo ad campaigns and all the best!


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